Angles de Vue

Un peu dans les nuages, un peu sur terre. Quelque peu cynique, quelque fois ordinaire. Les points de vue sont miens et sujets à changement à tout moment sans avertissement préalable. Je n'applique pas moi même mes conseils à la lettre, donc les utiliser avec précautions. Enjoy !


Saint must Walk alone

Not long ago I told you about the walk of faith, however what I didn’t tell and that usually they never tell you is:

 On the walk of faith, you walk alone.

Once you take that leap

The moment you step on that glass

All communications go off

Whatever happens

You are on your own

Of course you can still pray, but I doubt you will feel her presence…she is waiting on the other side…

…until then be strong and resilient: You are on your own.

Always remember: you cannot carry a cross in company. Though a vast crowd surrounds a man, his cross is his alone and his carrying of it marks him as a man apart. – A.W. Tozer in The Saint Must Walk Alone

Life and pride


If you stand for nothing, you will die for anything.

I say nothing is worth intrinsically dying for, for value is subjective just like price. 

Firstly Death is nothing to strive for because it will always be there waiting at the end of the road sooner or later! 

What you choose to stand for and die for only indicates the price tag you put on your own life. 

It’s your price. It’s your pride.

Who are you to judge mine: “rien ne vaut la vie”. 








You probably never saw my tears.

But now that you can see through me

Hope you see what I hide deep inside

Hope you can see that deep and huge void

Where winds of untold words, unravelled feelings blow night and day

You are missed; I wish I were a better son, grandson, and friend…

I can hear you whispering in my silences.

I see you in my dreams

I feel your love around as I stand still

Still, even today, I wonder how you could love somebody like me.

Then I smile, shake my head, and I know I never walk alone.

Yet I am supposed to fly on without my wingman.





Sometimes I would overhear people saying “This guy is courageous, he fears nothing!” and invariably I would think of somebody I know very well: Me. 

Well, I feel fear all the time. 

Fear of failure

Fear to disappoint 

Fear of rejection 

Fear of loosing out 

Fear of defeat 

..and so on; I know many of fear’s hideous faces. The fact is that I don’t like them, and any time I see (feel) one, I will get angry:

Angry for feeling fear 

Angry for being weak 

Angry for not being able to fly (that high) 

The beautiful fact about anger is that it overruns the place, then push you forward. 

Now you see cowardice dressed in anger clothes. 

Abracadabra: They call it Courage.



…parce que tant qu’une idée n’a pas connu l’épreuve de la désapprobation et la risée de la masse elle ne saurait si elle est forte.

…parce que le changement ne vient qu’en dissonance et la masse n’aime pas les dissonances.

…parce que l’histoire est écrite par ceux qui ont transgressés les lois et les sagesses établies.

I stand with Outliers

When you are down in the dark, I would like to be that little voice echoing “hold on tight”.

When all hell breaks loose I want to be the guy behind you getting your back.

When even your old friends turn against you I would like to stand with you.

Take the lead, take the leap.

Ps: En soutien à Florent Amany…la vérité rougit les yeux mais ne les cassent pas. Hold on Bro.




Because when you are going through hell, you’d better keep going

Because before dawn comes the darkest hour of the night

Because every quest begins with the beginners luck…Then the closer it gets to the realization point, the more difficult things become.

Because “we” don’t quit

Because of that (Mother/God) voice down there saying “Jump, I will catch you”


Because the ultimate test it is: The walk of Faith.



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